Our Town

Our Town

Written by Thornton Wilder


May 3-5, 10-12, & 17-19, 2024

Friday & Saturday 8 pm, Sunday 3 pm


Directed by Mark Graves

The residents of Grover's Corners -- a small American town like any other -- go about their daily lives: newspapers are delivered; people go to work; gardens are tended. And a young boy and girl fall in love. Through the experiences and relationships of these "unremarkable" townsfolk, we discover universal truths, about what it means to be human and the cyclical nature of life. But as life's events unfold, an unexpected tragedy strikes -- and in its wake, one question remains: "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?"

"Our Town" is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. www.concordtheatricals.com


$20 for adults,
$17 for seniors (60+),
$15 for students and teachers,
$10 for children (12-).
All prices include sales tax.

Tickets go on sale Monday, March 4, 2024.
(Flex Ticket holders can call 336-499-1010 to reserve seats starting Monday, February 26, 2024.)


Monday and Tuesday, February 26 & 27, 2024, from 7:00 - 9:30 pm each night


The Stage Manager - The benevolent host of the play and omniscient narrator. Interacts with both the world of the audience and the world of the play’s characters, exercises control over the action of the play, cues the other characters, informs the audience of events and objects that they cannot see, and occasionally assumes other roles, such as an old woman, a druggist, and a minister.

George Gibbs - An all-American boy. Sincere, agreeable, polite, respectful, decent, and upstanding, but not very good at book and school learning. A loving person, even if not very good at expressing those emotions, and perfectly happy to stay on the farm.

Emily Webb - George's neighbor, love interest, fiancée, and finally wife. Bright, articulate, conscientious, and vivacious girl who shares some of her mother’s anxious nature.

Dr. Gibbs - George's father and the town doctor. A loving father, kind husband, content, well-liked, knowledgeable, and mindful. A Civil War expert, and knows just about everything about everybody in town.

Mrs. Gibbs - Enduring, calm, appreciative, and caring wife to Dr. Gibbs and mother to her children. Although content in Grover's Corner, she still desires to see Paris. Suggests the importance of seizing the opportunities life presents, rather than waiting for things to happen.

Mr. Webb - Emily's loving father and the publisher and editor of the local paper, the Grover's Corners Sentinel. A caring husband with a good sense of humor. Kindly, demonstrative, and sympathetic. Reports to the audience at one point in a manner which is both informative and interactive. Has a well-informed interest in Napoleon.

Mrs. Webb - Emily's mother and Mr. Webb's wife. A no-nonsense kind of person. Innocent, caring, a little coarse, somewhat anxious, hardworking, and tolerant.

Rebecca Gibbs - George's younger sister. Contrary, competitive, daring, immature, and a motivated dreamer.

Wally Webb - Emily's younger brother. Stubborn, self-interested, but a lovable young boy.

Professor Willard - A professor at the State University who gives the audience a statistical report on Grover's Corners. Animated, enthusiastic, jovial, and gregarious.

Mrs. Soames - A curious woman who sings in the choir with Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb. Gossipy, a chatterbox, and a bit small-minded. Offers a sense of the interrelated nature of the lives of the citizens of Grover's Corners.

Howie Newsome - The local milkman. Good-natured, chatty, friendly, and divulges the local gossip. His reappearance during every morning scene highlights the continuity of life in Grover's Corners and in the general human experience.

Joe Crowell - A paperboy. Sharp-witted, opinionated, and upbeat.

Si Crowell - Joe’s younger brother, also a paperboy.

Simon Stimson - The choirmaster/organist of the church, whose alcoholism and undisclosed "troubles" have been the subject of gossip in Grover's Corners for quite some time. Unhappy, downtrodden, embittered, and often disparaging.

Constable Warren - A policeman with little crime to fight. Parental, protective, and watchful.

Sam Craig - Emily's cousin, who left Grover's Corners to travel west but returns late in the play. An outsider, experienced and worldly.

Joe Stoddard - The town undertaker, a reclusive watcher and town chronicler.

Ensemble - various roles, including: choir singers, "audience members" who interact with The Stage Manager and Mr. Webb, baseball players, and Assistant Stage Managers.