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Our 2010-2011 Season

We are a non-profit community theatre specializing in affordable, professional-quality productions located in the old sanctuary of Marvin United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, NC.

Founded in 1982 as a mission outreach program of Marvin United Methodist Church, the Stained Glass Playhouse offers production and theatrical events which encompass moral messages, family values and community issues. The Stained Glass Playhouse was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1997 and was granted it’s 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service in June, 1998 as a community theatre. We welcome volunteers and contributions from everyone. The Playhouse was admitted into membership of The Arts Council of Winston-Salem Forsyth County in 2008.


Our 2009-2010 Season

Our 2008-2009 Season

Our 2007-2008 Season

Then following is a raw, down and dirty, list of our previous seasons. As time permits I will be organizing the seasons as you see above by decades. Please keep looking back as we celibate over 30 years of bringing theater to you, by you, for you.


Feb. 6-22, 2015


Gregg Vogelsmeir – Russ/Dan

Sara E. Butner – Bec/Kathy

Krishma Steele – Francine/Lena

Jack Holbrook – Jim/Tom/Kenneth

Hayden Crawford – Albert/Kevin

Mat Tabat – Karl/Steve

Kady Ann Tilley – Betsy/Lindsey

Production Crew

Director:  Alvin Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Logan Chidester

Set Construction:  Brian Edwards

Painting – Tim Moore

Lighting Design – Allen Tyndall

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Props – Velna Pollock

Photographer – Mat Tabat


November 7-23, 2014


David Webster – Judge William Heath

Caitlin Stafford – District Attorney Ruthanne Jackson Flint

Chris Swaim – Defense Attorney Christopher Joseph Stevens

Sephora Machlus – Karen Andre

David Teague – Dr. Thomas Kirkland

Kenny Gaylord – Homer Van Fleet

Logan Chidester – Inspector Elmer Sweeney

Joyce Allen – Magda Svenson

Jennifer Raiford – Nancy Lee Faulkner

Bob Stern – John Graham Whitfield

Kady Ann Tilley – Janet Chandler

Rae Noel Sargent – Siegrid Jungquist

Adrain Dion Quarles – Lawrence “Guts” Regan

Carolyn Hooper – Victoria McLean, Court Reporter

Mark Graves – Andrew Bailey, Baliff

Production Crew

Director:  Richard Warner

Stage Manager – Mark Graves

Set Construction – Richard Warner

Painting – Tim Moore

Lighting Design – Allen Tyndall

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Beverly Crews

Photographer – Mat Tabat


July 18-August 3, 2014


Don Howard – Tevye, the Dairyman

Steffanie Vaughan – Golde

Kathryn Sain – Tzeitel

Danielle Schultz – Hodel

Hailey Lewis – Chava

Amanda Burke – Shprintze

April Eddinger – Bielke

Joyce Allen – Yente

Kenny Gaylord – Motel

Devlin Burke – Perchik, the Student

Michael Burke – Lazar Wolf, the Butcher

Mark Graves – Mordcha, the Innkeeper

David Webster – Rabbi

Jack Holbrook – Mendel, his Son

John Foltz – Avram, the Book Seller

Adrain Quarles – Nachum, the Begger

Kay Shelton – Grandma Tzeitel

Jennifer Raiford – Fruma-Sarah/Shaindel

Jayson Crawford – Constable

Patrick Burke – Fyedka/Fiddler

Chris Holland – Yussel, the Hat Maker/Fiddler

David Moss – Sasha

Jacob Barker, Jack Calhoun, Melanie Crews, Amanda DiGiovanni, Stephen Gunter, Caitlin Holland, Caroline Holland, Hannah Kearns, Ellie Lyons, Sophia Lyons, Georgann Schultz, Hannah Schultz - Ensemble

Production Crew

Director – Becky Burke

Music Director – Marilyn Gaylord

Stage Manager – Richard Warner

Choreographer – Mary Ellen Kitko

Set Construction – Luke Olsen

Painting – Tim Moore

Lighting Design – Allen Tyndall

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Velna Pollock

Photographer – Mat Tabat


May 2-18, 2014


Kathy Anne Cisna – Sheree

Jean Wentz – Dinah

Cheryl Ann Roberts – Lexie

Sandy Scott – Jeri Neal

April J’Callahan Marshall – Vernadette

Production Crew

Director – Michael Ackerman

Stage Manager – Caitlin Stafford

Assistant Stage Manager – Richard Warner

Lighting Design – Allen Tyndall

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Velna Pollock

Painting – Tim Moore

Set Construction – Luke Olson, Richard Warner

Photography – Mat Tabat


February 7-23, 2014


Cree Simpson – Aurelia Taylor

Anna Jolly – Relia Taylor

Andrew Sheran – Manson Taylor

Kathryn Mobley – Kate Taylor

Jordan White – Willie Joe Poole

Theresa Wiginton – Miss Cooper

Ester Rockette – Grandma

Demario Armstrong – Franklin

Tm Howell – Hawkins

Bill Jackson – Reverend Blake

Mark Walek – Mr. Connell

Patrick Ferrara – Jake

Mat Tabat, Thomas Fore, Luke Olsen – Crowd members

Production Crew

Director – Harold V. Claytor, Jr.

Stage Manager – James E. Cheek

Assistant Stage Manager – Richard Warner

Set Construction – Luke Olson, Richard Warner

Painting – Tim Moore

Lighting Design – Allen Tyndall

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Velna Pollock

Photographer – Mat Tabat


November 1 – 17, 2013


Michael Ackerman – Michael Starkwedder

Latimer Alexander V – Jan Warwick

Joyce Allen – Mrs. Warwick

Seth Austin – Sergeant Cadwallader

Robert Bailey – Inspector Thomas

Mark Graves – Henry Angell

Brandon Lloyd Hicks – Richard Warwick

Caitlin Stafford – Miss Bennett

Rene Lynn Walek – Laura Warwick

Production Crew

Director - Becky Burke

Stage Manager – Richard Warner


July 19 – August 4, 2013


Elya Angle – Ensemble

Annabelle Baker – Zaneeta Shinn

Ryan Ball – Traveling Salesman/Ensemble

Gina Belmont – Mrs. Squires

Amanda Burke – Gracie Shinn/Ensemble

Devlin Burke – Salesman/Ensemble

Ian Burke – Tommy Djilas/Salesman

Michael Burke – Conductor

Patrick Burke – Traveling Salesman/Ensemble

Jackson Calhoun – Ensemble/Kids Band

David Clayton – Traveling Salesman/Ensemble

Harold Claytor, Jr. – Charlie Cowell

Isis Claytor – Ensemble/ Kids Band

Aleeta Dahbour – Mrs. Paroo

Taylor Davis – Ensemble

Charlotte Fonda – Amaryllis/Kids Band

John Fonda – Mayor Shinn

Caroline Hale – Ensemble

Mickey Hyland – Oliver Hix

Brett Kitko – Harold Hill

Mary Ellen Kitko – Marion Paroo

Meadow Kitko – Ensemble/Kids Band

Parker Kitko – Ensemble/Kids Band

Marie Larson – Maud Dunlop

Dusty Lucas – Olin Britee

Marquell Mack – Winthrop Paroo

Carlos Nieto – Marcellus Washburn

Adrain Quarles – Traveling Salesman/Ensemble

Veronica Siebert – Ethel Tofflemier

Carol Simes – Alma Hix

Mark Walek – Ewart Dunlop

Chris Wiesenberger – Jacey Squires

Bethany Woolard – Ensemble/Kids Band

Lori Woolard – Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn

Parker Woolard – Ensemble/Kids Band

Production Crew

Director – Steffanie Vaughan

Music Director – Katrina Pfitzner

Choreographer – Gretchen Hall

Stage Manager – Becky Burke

Set Construction – Mat Tabat, Brian Edwards

Painting – Tim Moore

Lighting Design – Allen Tyndall

Costume Design – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistants – Suzanne Poorman, Jelena Petrovic, Sandy Walek

Props – Velna Pollock

Props Assistant – David Sabbagh

Photographer – Allyson Edwards, Mat Tabat


May 3-19, 2013


Leah Faye Cadigan – Sibyl Chase

Michael Ackerman – Elyot Chase

Gregg Vogelsmeier – Victor Prynne

Rene Lynn Walek – Amanda Prynne

Patti Darkow – Louise (the maid)

Production Crew

Director – Michael Burke

Assistant to the Director – Devliln Burke

Stage Manager – Meredith Whitworth

Assistant Stage Manager – Adrian Quarles

Set Construction – Mat Tabat

Assistant – Richard Warner

Painting – Sara Glover, Jane Tabat, Rebekah Tabat

Lighting Design – Shawn Hooper

Assistant – Patrick Burke

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Velna Pollock

Assistant Props – Elya Angle

Photographer – Allyson Edwards

French Language Consultant – Helen Rasmussen


February 1 – 17, 2013


Nick Nixon – Troy Maxson

Harold V. Claytor, Jr. – Jim Bono (Troy’s friend)

Tenesia Turner – Rose (Troy’s wife)

Andrew Sheran – Lyons (Troy’s son by a previous marriage)

Timothy W. Howell – Gabriel (Troy’s brother)

Ryan Johnson – Cory (Troy and Rose’s son)

Zoel Belcher – Raynell (Troy’s daughter)

Production Crew

Director – Jae Campbell

Stage Manager – Brenda Humphrey

Set Construction – Brian Edwards

Painting – Tim Moore

Lighting – Richard Warner

Lighting Assistants – Luke Olsen, Chris Rosenberg, Patrick Burke

Props – Velna Pollock

Photographer – Allyson Edwards


November 2-18, 2012


Lee Ann Chrisco – Truvy Jones

Alexis Siebert – Annelle Dupuy-Desoto

Aleeta W. Dahbour – Clairee Belcher

Lea Faye Caddigan – Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie

Becky Burke – M’Lynn Eatenton

Carol McConnell – Ouiser Boudreaux

Production Crew

Director – Steffanie Vaughan

Stage Manager – Melissa Peller

Assistant Stage Manager – Lynn Hall

Set Construction – Mat Tabat

Painting – Tim Moore

Paint Assistant (mural scenery) – Carol McConnell

Lighting – Richard Warner

Lighting Assistants – Luke Olsen, Chris Rosenberg

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Velna Pollock

Props Assistant – Jan Cranmer

Photographer – Allyson Edwards


July 20-August 5, 2012


Brandon Lloyd Hicks – Frank Butler

David Mazzola – Buffalo Bill Cody

Alexis Siebert – Dolly Tate

Michael Ackerman – Tommy Keeler

Maggie Booz – Winnie Tate

Adrian Quarles – Charlie Davenport

Angela Hodges – Ma Wilson

Devlin Burke – Mac, the Prop Man

Harold Claytor – Chief Sitting Bull

Kelly Flick – Annie Oakley

Charlotte Fonda – Jessie, Annie’s Little Sister

Amanda Burke – Nellie, Annie’s Other Little Sister

Robert Lintner – Little Jake, Annie’s Little Brother

Isis Claytor – Sallie, their friend/Ensemble

Claire Gunzenhauser – Running Deer/Ensemble

Christian Wiley – Eagle Feather/Ensemble

Ryan Ball – Dining Car Waiter/Band Leader/Ensemble

Devlin Burke – Sleeping Car Porter

Jere Dailey – Pawnee Bill

Logan Magoun – Messenger/Ensemble

Angela Hodges – Mrs. Sylvia Potter-Porter/Ensemble

Debra Hanson – Mrs. Schuyler Adams/Ensemble

Briana Wilson – Ensemble

Production Crew

Director – Gretchen Hall

Music Director – Katrina Pfitzner

Stage Manager – Becky Burke

Assistant Stage Manager – Kevin Davie

Set Construction – Brian Edwards

Painting – Tim Moore

Assistant – Luke Olsen

Lighting – Allen Tyndall

Lighting Assistants – Richard Warner, Patrick Burke

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Velna Pollock

Prop Assistant – Ian Burke

Photographer – Allyson Edwards


May 4-20, 2012


Tiffany Sullivan – Helen Keller

Charlotte Fonda – Helen Keller understudy

Holly Bostick – Annie Sullivan

Sheri Masters – Kate Keller

Mike Burke – Capt. Keller

Kenny Gaylord – James Keller

Jake Fore – Jake Keller

Aleeta Dahbour – Aunt Ev

Esther Rockette – Viney

Nathan Mathias – Jimmie Sullivan

Mickey Hyland – Mr. Anagnos

Patrick Burke – Percy

Riley Cullen – Martha

Terry Hauser – Doctor

Holly Nelson – Crone # 1

Clara Yarboro – Crone # 2

Becky Burke – Crone # 3

Tim Howell – Farm Hand # 1

Devlin Burke – Farm Hand # 2

Charlotte Fonda – Sara (Perkins Student)

Katie Hauser – Beatrice (Perkins Student)

Emily Fore – Alice (Perkins Student)

Rebekah Tabat – Laura (Perkins Student)

Production Crew

Director – Steffanie Vaughan

Stage Manager – Beverly B. Dillon

Assistant Stage Manager – Mat Tabat

Set Construction – Tim Moore and Mat Tabat

Lighting – Allen Tyndall

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

‘Props – Velna Pollock

Photographer – Allyson Edwards


February 2-19, 2012


Donza Friende – Ruth Younger

Jabari Taylor-Reid – Travis Younger

Tim Howell – Walter Lee Younger (Brother)

Shannon Wicks – Beneatha Younger

Saundra P. Amos – Lena Younger (Mama)

Adrian Dion Quarles – Joseph Asagai

Harold Claytor, Jr. – Bobo

Mat Tabat – Karl Linder

Kirby H. Thompson – Moving Man

Waunzo Sherard – Moving Man

Production Crew

Director – Alvin R. Tyndall

Stage Manager – Brenda Humphrey

Set Construction – Tim Moore

Painting – Tim Moore

Lighting – Allen Tyndall

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Velna Pollock


November 4-20, 2011


Becky Burke – Abby Brewster

Robert Bailey – The Rev. Dr. Harper

Zack Pfrimmer – Teddy Brewster

Mat Tabat – Officer Brophy

Aleeta Dahbour – Martha Brewster

Holly Bostick – Elaine Harper

Brandon Lloyd – Mortimer Brewster

Christopher Rosenberg – Mr. Gibbs

Guido Villalba Portel – Jonathan Brewster

Scott Carpenter – Dr. Einstein

Stewart Self – Officer O’Hara

Kenny Gaylord – Lieutenant Rooney

Bob Stern – Mr. Witherspoon

Production Crew

Director – S. Allen Tyndall

Stage Manager – Meredith Whitworth

Set Construction – Brian Edwards

Assistant – Josh Kellam

Set Painting – Tim Moore

Lighting – Shawn Hooper

Costumes – Sylvia Tyndall

Costume Assistant – Suzanne Poorman

Props – Velna Pollock

Photographer – Allyson Edwards


July 22- August 6, 2011


Hannah Rivers – Maria Rainer

Kelly Flick – Sister Berthe

Angela Hodges – Sister Margaretta

Steffanie Vaughan – The Mother Abbess

Marilyn Bledsoe, Sister Sophia

Cameron Williams – Captain Georg von Trapp

Jere Dailey – Franz, the butler

Meredith Whitworth – Frau Schmidt

Kate Kellum – Liesl von Trapp

Patrick Burke – Friedrich von Trapp

Caroline Hale – Louisa von Trapp

Elijah Short – Kurt von Trapp

Maggie Booz – Brigitta von Trapp

Riley Cullen – Marta von Trapp

Amanda Burke – Gretl von Trapp

Matt Smitherman – Rolf Gruber

Mary Lea Williams – Elsa Schrader

Heather Osterer – Ursula

Roberts Bass – Max Detweiler

Mark Walek – Her Zeller

Mickey Hyland – Baron Elberfeld

David Webster – Admiral Von Schrieber

Jennifer R. Short – Frau Zeller

Kay Smitherman – Baroness Elberfeld

Gina Belmont – Nun

Jennifer R. Short – Nun

Holly Bostick – Nun

Heather Osterer – Nun

Michaela Cockerham – Postulant

Rachel Hale – Postulant

Symone Thompson – Postulant

Guido Villaba Portel – Guard

Kenny Gaylord – Guard

Jolanta Kellum – Neighbor

Kay Smitherman – Neighbor

Guido Villaba Portel – Neigbor

Kenny Gaylord - Neighbor

Production Crew

Director – Alvin Tyndall

Music Director – Karen Current

Stage Manager – Becky Burke

Choreographer – Gretchen Hall

Set Construction – Brian Edwards

Assistant – Josh Kellam

Painting – Tim Moore

Costume Design – Sylvia Tyndall

Constume Construction – Suzanne Poorman, Pat Alt, Sandy Walek, Marilyn Bledsoe

Lighting – Allen Tyndall

Props – Velna Pollock

Stagehand – Kimberly Cullen

The Foreigner

May 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 (2011)


“Froggy” LeSuer- David Piner

Charlie Baker- Cameron Williams

Betty Meeks- Carolyn Hooper

Rev. David Marshall Lee- Matthew Graunke

Catherine Simms- Holly Bostick

Owen Musser- Robert Bailey

Ellerd Simms- Guido Villalba-Portel

Production Crew

Director:  Michael Burke

Assistant Director:  Devlin Burke

Stage Manager:  Meredith Whitworth

Set Construction;  Tim Moore

Lighting Designer:  Allen Tyndall

Costumes:  Sylvia Tyndall

Costumes Assistant:  Suzanne Poorman

Properties:  Velna Pollock

A Woman Called Truth

February 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, (2011)


Sojourner Truth-   Jae Camp bell

Mama, Sissy, Old Woman-   Teaune Vinson

Mrs. Neely, Mrs. Gedney, Maria Van Wagener, Mrs. Whiting-   Joyce Allen

Baumfrey, John Neely, Caitlin, Van Wagener, Squire Chip,  Old Man

 First Reverend-   David Webster

Auctioneer, John Dumont, Solomon Gedney, Officer, Second Reverend-

 Patrick Ferrara

brother Peter, Bob, son Pete, Slave Boy-   Melvin Massey, Jr.

Production Crew

Director:  Flonnie Anderson

Stage Manager:  Elaine Clark

Set Construction:  Tim Moore

Lighting Designer:  Allen Tyndall

Property Mistress:  Velna Pollock

Photographer:  Mike Burke

Reservations:  Pat Alt

And Then There Were None

November 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 (2010)


Rogers   Stephen Holley

Mrs. Rogers   Debra S. Hanson

Fred Narracott   Jeff Haste

Vera Claythorne   Amanda Frazier

Phillip Lombard   Cameron Williams

Anthony Marston   Zac Hiatt

William Blore   James Shover

General MacKenzie   Roland Krueger

Emily Brent   Linda Minney

Sir Lawrence Wargrave   Scott Carpenter

Dr. Armstrong   Gregg Voglesmeier

Production Crew

Director- Nathan Adam Sullivan

Stage Manager- Meridith Whitworth

Set Construction- Brian Edwards

Lighting Designer- Allen Tyndall

Costumes- Sylvia Tyndall

Property Mistress- Velna Pollock

Reservations- Pat Alt


July 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, August 1, 6, 7, 8, (2010)


Che   Matthew Morris

Evita   Jaye Pierce

Peron   Jim Shover

Magaldi   Brandon Lloyd Hicks

Mistress   Hannah Rivers


Genesis Flores

Saifya High

Jay Torres

Brooke Hicks

Amanda Burke

Eric Elliot

John Elliot

Zach Elliot

Guido Villalba-Portel

Angela Hodges

Joy Adam

Logan Magoun

Meredith Whitworth

Karen Agee

Allyson Edwards

Sara Edwards

Teresa Wiginton

Hannah Rivers

Ian Burke

Kenny Gaylord

Miles Stanley

Marilyn Bledsoe

Production Crew:

Director- Becky Burke

Stage Manager- Amanda Frazier

Music Director- Marie Denig

Set Construction- Brian Edwards

Lighting Designer- Mike Denig

Costumes- Sylvia Tyndall

Property Mistress- Velna Pollock

Photographer- T. Garner

Reservations- Pat  Alt

Mass Appeal

May 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, (2010)

Director:  Alvin Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Beverly Peterson


Father Tim Farley   Tripp May

Mark Dolson   Brandon Lloyd Hicks

To Be Young, Gifted, and Black

February 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, (2010)

Director- Andre Minkins

Stage Manager- Joyce Allen


Tasha Barnett

Jalila Bowie

Lindsay Brown

Hayden Crawford

Thomas Garner

Fleta Koontz

Karen Patterson

Esther Rockette

Ronald Royster

Cynthia Snipes

Bob Stern

Tori Walker

Teresa Wigniton

The Lion In Winter

November 6, 7, 8, 13,  14, 15, 20, 21, 22, (2009)

Director- Becky Burke

Stage Manager- Adam Sullivan


Henry !!   Mike Burke

Alais   Rene Walek

John   Zac Hiatt

Geoffrey   Matthew Morris

Richard  Cameron Williams

Eleanor   Steffanie Vaughn

Phillip   Brandon Lloyd   

The Fantasticks

July 24, 25, 31, August 1, 7, 8, at 8 pm; July 26, August 2, 9, at 3 pm (2009)

Director:  Margaret Wages

Stage Manager:  Becky Burke

Music Director:  Marie Denig

The Narrator (El Gallo):  Macon Shirley

The Girl (Luisa): Hannah Rivers

The Boy (Matt):  Kenny Gaylord

The Boy’s Father (Hucklebee):  Miles Stanley

The Girl’s Father (Bellomy):  Mickey Hyland

The Actor (Henry):  David Piner

The Man Who Dies (Mortimer):  David Webster

The Mute:  Jeff Haste

The Lilies of the Field

April 17, 18, 24, 25, May 1, 2, at 8 pm; April 18, 26, and May 3 at 3 pm (2009)

Director: Steffanie N. Vaughan

Stage Manager:  Kelli Coffman

Father Murphy: David Mazzola

Homer Smith:  Antonio de Graffenreaidt

Mother Maria Marthe:  Aleeta Dahbour

Sister Elizabeth:  Carolyn Hooper

Sister Gertrude:  Joyce Allen

Sister Agnes:  Rev. Effie e. McClain

Sister Albertine:  Debra Hanson

Joseph Gonzalez:  David Webster

Orville Livingston:  Roland Krueger


February, 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21 at 8 pm; February 8, 15, 22 at 3 pm (2009)

Director:  Alvin Tyndall

Music Director:  Karen Current

State Manager:  Beverly Burge Peterson

Mahalia: LaShon R. Hill

Male Voices:  Hayden Crawford

Female Voices:  Cynthia Kelly

Piano & Organ:  Bennie L. Plowden


November 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, at 8 pm; November 9, 16, and 23 at 3 pm (2008)

Director:  S. Allen Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Beverly Burge Peterson

Sidney Bruhl:  Bob Pritchard

Clifford Anderson:  Phred Rainey

Myra Bruhl: Pat Garner

Helga ten Dorp:  Becky Burke

Porter Milgram:  Gregg Vogelsmeier

Syndney:  the Bird


July 18, 19, 25, 26, August 1, 2, at 8 pm; July 20, 27, August 3 at 3 pm (2008)

Director:  Alvin Tyndall

Music Director:  Katrina Pfitzner

Stage Manager:  Becky Burke

Tommy Albright: Macon Shirley

Jeff Douglas: Kenny Mathews

Fiona MacLaren:  Steffanie Vaughn

Charlie Dalrymple:  Matthew Morris

Jean MacLaren:  Chrissie Hall

Meg Brockie:  Marie Denig

Mr. Lundie:  Roland Kruger

Harry Beaton:  Tyler Medinger

Andrew MacLaren:  Michael Burke

Angus MacGuffie:  Preston Mack

Archie Beaton:  David Stafford

Frank/MacGregor:  Michael Denig

Jane Ashton/Chorus:  Martha Frances Williams

Kate/Chorus:  Melanie Carviou

Stuart Dalrymple:  David Mazzola

Maggie Anderson/Chorus:  Ellen Bryan

Sandy Dean:  Bob Stern

Fishmonger/Chorus:  Megan Stanley

Piper:  David Thomas (8/3: Andy Maness)

Chorus:  Joyce Allen, Amanda Burke, Patrick Burke, Kelli Coffman, Kenny Gaylord, Misty Gizinski, Angelica Mack, Jessica Mack, Judy Marshall, Effie McClain, Mark Sprinkle.

The Cemetery Club,

April 18, 19, 25, 26, May 2, 3 – 8 pm; April 20, 27, May 4 – 2 pm (2008)

Director:  John Collier

Stage Manager:  Kelli Coffman

Ida: Pat Garner

Mildred:  Debra Hanson

Lucille:  Cheryl Ann Roberts

Doris:  Pat Shumate

Sam:  David Webster

Livin’ Fat,

February 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16 at 8 pm; February 3, 10, 17 at 2 pm (2008)

Director:  Garrett Davis

Stage Manager:  Beverly Peterson

Boo:  Hayden Dacosta Crawford

Daddy:  Garrett Davis

David Lee Carter:  Antonio DeGraffenreaidt

Mama:  Karen Patterson

Candy:  Rocia Caron Terry

Big Mama:  Rev. Almarre Williams, Sr.

Understudy:  Harrison M. Carlton

Romanoff & Juliet

October 12, 13, 20, 26, 27 at 8 pm

October 14, 21, 28 at 2 pm (2007)

Director:  Margaret Wages

Stage Manager:  Karen Osterer

Soldier 1:  Kenny Gaylord

Soldier 2:  Phred Rainey

General:  Mikey Wiseman

Hooper Moulsworth:  David Mazzola

Vadim Romanoff:  Miles Stanley

Igor Romanoff:  Kenny Mathews

Juliet Moulsworth:  Katie Trosan

The Spy:  Jordan Googe

Beulah Moulsworth:  Allyson McCauley

Evdokia Romanoff:  Aleeta Dahbour

Marfa:  Donna Bissette

Freddie:  Macon Shirley

Archbishop:  David Webster

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

July 20, 21, 27, 28, August 3, 4 at 8 pm

July 22, 29, August 5 at 2 pm (2008)

Director:  Alvin Tyndall

Music Director:  Jason Rogers

Stage Manager:  Becky Burke

Prologus/Pseudolus:  Mikey Wiseman

Senex:  David Webster

Domina:  Debra Hanson

Hero:  Tyler Medinger

Hysterium:  Kenny Mathews

Erronius:  Roland Krueger

Miles Glorious:  Cameron Williams

Marcus Lycus:  David Piner

Philia:  Mary Lea Williams

Tintinabula:  Allyson Edwards

Panacea:  Renee Grant

The Geminae:  Amy Cannon & Megan Chunn

Vibrata:  Heidi Rice

Gymnasia:  Pat Mathews

Eurasia:  Heather Osterer

The Proteans:  Antonio DeGraffenreaidt, Daniel Girard, Jeff Haste


April 20, 21, 27, 28 and May 4, 5 at 8 pm

April 22, 29 & May 6 at 2 pm (2007)

Director:  John Rushton

Stage Manager:  Lynn Hall

Chernov:  Eric Dowdy

Varya:  Donna Bissette

Petrovin:  Mark Walek

Prince Bounine:  John Collier

Sergei:  Todd Donaldson

Anna:  Kathryn Collier

Counselor Drivinitz:  Mikey Wiseman

Sleigh Driver:  David Webster

Charwoman:  Galina Krokhina

Dr. Serensky:  Michael Hoch

Dowager Empress:  Aleeta Dahbour

Baroness Livenbaum:  Carol McConnell

Prince Paul:  Kenny Mathews


February 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 at 8 pm

February 4, 11, 18 at 2 pm

February 17 at 3 pm

February 18 at 7 pm

Director:  Robin T. Rich-McGhie

Stage Manager:  Beverly Peterson

Mother Shaw:  LaVerne Williford

Mabel:  Ester Rockette

Velma:  LaShon Hill

(non-performing, undershaw for Velma):  Marquie Smith

Wanda:  Parisienne Willis

Janette:  LaTrisa Howard

Yolanda:  Christa Logan

Man:  Antonio DeGraffenreaidt

On Golden Pond

October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 at 8 pm

October 15, 22, 29 at 2 pm (2006)

Director:  Ken Ashford

Stage Manager:  Karen Bolin

Norman:  Bill Pfefferkorn

Ethel:  Karen Robertson

Charlie:  Craig Dixon

Chelsea:  Cheryl Roberts

Bill:  Scott Spencer

Billy:  Tyler Canada


July 21, 22, 28, 29 & August 4, 5 at 8 pm

July 23, 30 & August 6 at 2 pm (2006)

Directors:  Alvin Tyndall & S. Allen Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Becky Burke

John Adams:  John Collier

Benjamin Franklin:  Alvin Tyndall

Thomas Jefferson:  John Rushton

Edward Rutledge:  Garry Keith

John Dickinson:  David Webster

Abigail Adams:  Steffanie Vaughan

Martha Jefferson:  Kathy Collier

Richard Henry Lee:  Eric Dowdy

Courier:  Joe Boles

John Hancock:  Mike Burke

Charles Thomson:  Kenny Mathews

Josiah Bartlett:  Phil Fontaine

Stephen Hopkins:  Dick Strohmeier

Roger Sherman:  Ben Hatch

Lewis Morris:  Matt Morris

Robert Livingston:  Miles Stanley

Rev. Jonathan Witherspoon:  David Piner

James Wilson:  Don Bechtold

George Read:  Mark Walek

Thomas McKean:  Jeff Haste

Caesar Rodney:  Bob Stern

Samuel Chase:  Andrew Young

Joseph Hewes:  David Mazzola

Dr. Lyman Hall:  Tony O’Meara

Andrew McNair: Don Thornton

Leather Apron/Painter:  Alex Stanley

The Diary of Anne Frank

May 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 – 8 pm; May 7, 14, 21 – 2 pm, (2006)

Director:  Randy Morris

Stage Manager:  Beth Frazier

Ann Frank: Lucy D’Agostino

Otto Frank:  Roland Krueger

Edith Frank:  Marcia James

Margot Frank:  Katie Trosan

Miep Gies:  Cheryl Roberts

Peter Van Daan:  Adam Hughes

Mr. Victor Kraler:  Galen Harrison

Gusti Van Daan:  Chris Hughes’

Hermann Van Daan:  David Teague

Friedrich Dussel: Dick Strohmeier

Nazi Officer:  David Webster

1st Nazi Collaborator:  William Smitherman

Miss Evers’ Boys

February 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 – 8 pm; February 5, 12, 19 – 2 pm, (2006)

Director:  Robin T. Rich-McGie

Stage Manager:  Karen Osterer

Miss Eunice Evers (1972):  Esther Rockette/ Fleta Cotoman

Mr. Willie Johnson (1932):  Olen Black/ J. D. Silverthorne

Mr. Caleb Humphries:  Brian Lynch

Mr. Hodman Bryan:  Bjorn

Mr. Ben Washington:  Jonathan Mosley-Perry

Miss Eunice Evers (1932):  Lisa Garner

Dr. John Douglass:  Eric Dowdy

Dr. Eugene Brodus:  Ross Black

Mr. Willie Johnson (1972):  Horace Bonner

The Boys Next Door

October 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 – 8pm; October 9, 16, 23 – 2 pm, (2005)

Director:  Becky Burke

Stage Manager:  Karen Bolin

Arnold Wiggins:  Ken Ashford

Lucien P. Smith:  Frank Joyner

Norman Bulansky:  Tyler Medinger

Barry Klemper:  Kenny Mathews

Jackie Palmer:  Cheryl Roberts

Shelia:  Amanda Mathews

Mr. Klemper:  Mike Burke

Mrs. Fremus:  Allyson Edwards

Mrs. Warren:  Pat Mathews

Clara:  Lindsey Anderson

Mr. Hedges:  Andre Morris

Mr. Corbin:  Carl Schlager

Senator Clarke:  Kathleen Anderson

The Wizard of OZ

July 22, 23, 29, 30, August 5, 6 – 8 pm; July 24, 31, August 7 – 2 pm, (2005)

Director:  Mike Burke

Stage Manager:  Beverly Peterson

Musical Director:  Allyson Edwards

Dorothy Gale:  Molly Harris

Toto: Shadow

Aunt Em/Glinda:  Parisienne Willis

Uncle Henry/Guard:  Steve Jumper

Hickory/Tin Man:  Tyler Medinger

Hunk/Scarecrow:  Kenny Mathews

Zeke/Cowardly Lion:  Callum Stewart

Almira Gultch/Wicked Witch:  Becky Burke

Professor Marvel/Wizard:  Mike Burke

Munchkin Braggart:  Mark Sprinkle

Munchkin City Mothers/Teachers:  Blayre Penn, Bethany Penn

Munchkin Mayor:  Nicki Yarborough

Munchkin Barrister:  Heather Osterer

Munchkin Coroner:  Devlin Burke

Lullaby League:  Karoline Jumper, Sarah King, Misty Gizinski, Kate Sarfert

Lollipop Guild:  Jordan Willis, Jarrett Edwards, Mark Sprinkle, Patrick Burke

Crows:  Sara Edwards, Staci Johnston, Heather Osterer

Trees:  Debbie Moore, Aleeta Dahbour, Pat Mathews

Poppies/Snowflakes:  Ian Burke, Sara Edwards, Nicki Yarborough, Kate Sarfert, Heather Osterer, Staci Johnston

Osian Service People:  Tim Moore, Debbie Moore, Pat Mathews, Amanda Mathews, Karoline Jumper, Staci Johnston, Marcia James, Aleeta Dahbour, Heather Osterer

Winkies:  Debbie Moore, Marcia James, Steve Jumper, Aleeta Dahbour, Pat Mathews

Winkie General:  Tim Moore

Nikko:  Heather Osterer

Jitterbug:  Nicki Yarborough

Shadow’s Handler:  Nikki Lyon

Bus Stop

May 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21 – 8 pm; May 8, 15, 22 – 2 pm (2005)

Director: Michael Burke

Stage Manager:  Karen Bolin

Elma Duckworth:  Rene Walek

Grace Hoyland:  Rhonda McDonald

Will Masters:  Dick Strohmeier

Cherie:  Ann Britebach

Dr. Gerald Lyman:  Mikey Wiseman

Carl:  Roberts Bass

Virgil Blessing:  Lee Huggins

Bo Decker:  Chris Taylor

Steal Away

February 4, 5, 11, 12 – 7 pm; February 6 & 13 – 1 pm (2005)

Director:  Robin T.  Rich-McGhie

Stage Manager:  Beverly Peterson

Tracy Ada Kyzer:  Marshika Medley

Mrs. Stella Margaret Kyzer:  Brenda Humphrey

Miss Sudy Atkinson:  Marquie Smith

Mrs. Jade Long:  Karen Patterson

Mrs. Renita (Redd) Ruth:  Esther Rockette

Mrs. Bluiah (Blu) Daniels:  Angela Williams

Understudy for Mrs. Jade Long:  Geri Reed-Ali

Choir:  Johnetta Brown, Wendy Grimes, Lisa Garner

The Sunshine Boys

November 7, 8, 14, 15 – 8 pm; November 9 & 16 – 2 pm (2004)

Director:  April Marshall

Co-Director:  Randall C. Morris

Stage Manager:  Kris Higgins

Willie Clark:  David Webster

Ben:  Michael Henry Carter

Al Lewis:  Frank Skinner

Eddie:  Kenny Mathews

Patient:  Kenny Mathews

Nurse MacKintosh:  Cheryl Ann Roberts

RN/Home Nurse:  Kay Shelton

Voice-Overs:  Randy Morris, Michael Burke

Jesus Christ Superstar

July 23, 24, 30, 31, August 6 & 7 – 8 pm; July 25, August 1, 8 – 2 pm (2004)

Director:  John Rushton

Musical Director:  Joy Rushton

Stage Manager:  Melissa Peller

Jesus:  Brandon Allen

Mary Magdalene:  Alexandra Wiseman

Annas:  David Webster

Pilate:  Mark Walek

Judas:  Mikey Wiseman

Peter:  Chris Athan

Caiaphas:  Mike Burke

King Herod:  Alvin Tyndall

Simon Zealotes:  Kenny Mathews

Apostles/Soldiers/Crowd:  Charles Peller, Kenny Evans, John Barr, Zachary Campbell, Carlos Nieto, Patrick Dowd, Todd Donaldson, Ian Burke, Patrick Burke, Devlin Burke, Joey Aloi, Tyler Medinger, Matt Morris

Apostle’s Women/Solos/Chorus:  Christina Carivou, Sarah Livengood, Katrina Pfitzner, Rene Walek, Pat Mathews, Melanie Carivou, Becky Burke, Amanda Burke, Shelley Ayres, Kristin Aloi

The Miracle Worker

May 7, 8, 14, 15 – 8 pm; May 9, 16 – 2 pm (2004)

Director:  Michael Burke

Stage Manager:  Beverly Peterson

Helen Keller:  Holly Fisher

Annie Sullivan:  Rene Walek

Kate Keller:  Sheri Masters

Captain Keller:  Paul Saxon

James Keller:  Lattimer Alexander, IV

Aunt Ev:  Pat Mathews

Viney:  Kelli Coffman

Anagnos: Neill Kodsi

Percy:  Devlin Burke

Martha:  Cate Hendren

Doctor:  Michael Carter

School Children:  Mandy Murray, Aubrey Mannel, Barbara Osterer, Kate Sarfert, Kristin Aloi

Voices:  Mike Burke, Becky Burke, Ian Burke


February 6, 7, 13, 14 – 7 pm; February 8, 15 – 1 pm (2004)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Karen Patterson

Cephus Miles:  Sterling Garris

Woman One/Pattie Mae Wells:  Teri Hairston

Woman Two:  Lynne Watts

Arsenic and Old Lace

November 7, 8, 14, 15 – 8 pm; November 9, 16 – 2 pm (2003)

Director:  S. Allen Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Melissa Carroll

Abby Brewster:  Joyce Allen

The Rev. Dr. Harper:  Bill Murphy

Teddy Brewster:  Matthew Cornelius

Officer Brophy:  Craig Lukens

Martha Brewster:  Pat Mathews

Elaine Harper:  Denise Gold

Mortimer Brewster:  Gregg Voglesmeir

Mr. Gibbs:  James Jackson

Jonathan Brewster:  Scott Spencer

Dr. Einstein:  Kit Pepper

Officer O’Hara:  David Webster

Lt. Rooney:  Ash Harrison

Mr. Witherspoon:  Bob Stern


July 18, 19, 25, 26, August 1, 2, - 8 pm; July 20, 27, August 3 – 2 pm (2003)

Director:  Jamie Lawson

Musical Director:  Janie Musten Phillips

Stage Manager:  Becky Burke

Cinderella:  Misty Edwards

Her Stepmother:  Kay Shelton

Her Stepsister Portia:  Mary Barnhardt

Her Stepsister Joy:  Sarah Barnhardt

Her (Fairy?) Godmother:  Mimi Cunningham

The Prince:  Sean Robinson

The King:  Peter Juran

The Queen:  Chris Hughes

The Chef:  Max Gerringer

The Steward:  LuAnne Hudson

The Herald:  Chris Connell

The Tailor:  James Jackson

The Jester:  Bryan Daniel

The Ensemble:  Anna Carrie Beck, Taimia Bell, Jack Benton, Mike Burke, Ian Burke, Devlin Burke, Patrick Burke, Jeff Driver, Clara Gizinski, Misty Gizinski, Natalie Juran, Judy Marshall, Luwana Yarborough, Nicki Yarborough


April 25, 26, May 2, 3 – 8 pm; April 27 & May 4 – 2 pm (2003)

Director:  April J’Callahan Marshall

Stage Manager:  Elaine M. Bageris

Elwood P. Dowd:  Frank Skinner

Veta Louise Simmons:  Marilyn Shore

Myrtle Mae Simmons:  Denise Gold

Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet:  Joyce Allen

Judge Gaffney:  Dick Strohmeyer

Ruth Kelly:  Heather White

Lyman Sanderson:  Michael Carter

Willie Chumley:  Randy Morris

Betty Chumley:  Cheryl Roberts

Duane Wilson:  Scott Spencer

E. J. Alston:  David Webster

Blessed Assurance!

February 7, 8, 14, 15 – 7pm; February 9 & 16 – 1 pm (2003)

Director:  Randall C. Morris

Stage Manager:  Joseph Hamby

Olivia:  Karen Patterson

Lewis:  James Jackson

Harlan:  Michael Burke

Slick:  Jordan Googe

Sally:  Heather Kalani White

Death of a Salesman

November 1, 2, 8, 9 – 8 pm; November 3, 10 – 2 pm (2002)

Director:  Becky Burke

Stage Manager:  Dan Hartley

Willy Loman:  Anthony Liguori

Linda:  Kay Shelton

Happy:  Jordan Googe

Biff:  Michael Henry Carter

Bernard:  Clay Carroll

The Woman:  Marilyn Shore

Charley:  Dick Strohmeier

Uncle Ben:  Frank Skinner

Howard Wagner:  Vinnie Mannino

Jenny:  Gina Foushee

Stanley:  Jeff Hamby

Miss Forsythe:  Heather White

Letta:  Julie Cannon

South Pacific

July 19, 20, 26, 27, August 2, 3 – 8 pm; July 21, 28, August 4 – 2 pm (2002)

Director:  Marie Beyer

Musical Director:  Marie Beyer

Stage Manager:  Shawn Hooper

Ensign, Nellie Forbush:  Misty Edwards

Emile de Becque:  Kit Pepper

Ngana, his daughter:  Rachel Kotlarsz

Henrietta, his native servant:  Pamela Gutman

Bloody Mary:  Susan Pepper

Liat, her daughter:  Miranda Lowder

Luther Billis:  Michael Denig

Abner:  Jerry Daily

Stewpot (Carpenter’s Mate Second Class, George Watts):  Michael Ackerman

Professor:  James Jackson

Lt. Joseph Cable, United States Marine Corps:  Sean Robinson

Capt. George Brackett, United States Navy: Dick Strohmeier

Cmdr. William Harbison, United States Navy:  Randall C. Morris

Lt. Buzz Adams:  Dan Hartley

Yeoman Herbert Quale, sailor:  David Etzel

Radio Operator Bob McCaffery, sailor:  Jeff Hamby

Sailors, Pilots:  Charlie Towsley, Jr., Sterling Garris, William (Bill) Murphy

Lead Nurse:  Bethany Lowder

Ensign Diana Murphy:  Ann Breitbach

Ensign Janet MacGregor:  Julie Cannon

Nurses:  Rebekah Crenshaw, Brittany Varner, Heather White, LeeAnna Jones

God’s Favorite

April 26, 27, May 3, 4, - 8 pm; April 28, May 5 – 2 pm (2002)

Director:  Michael Burke

Stage Manager:  Clark Millard

Sydney Lipton:  Marie Beyer

David Benjamin:  Michael Henry Carter

Morris:  Jere Dailey

Ben Benjamin:  Matthew Howard

Joe Benjamin:  Anthony Liguori

Sarah Benjamin:  Miranda Lowder

Rose Benjamin:  Carole Olson

Mady:  Marilyn Shore

A Raisin in the Sun

February 1, 2, 8, 9 – 7 pm; February 3 & 10 – 1 pm (2002)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Gemma Saluta

Ruth Younger:  Glynis Walker

Travis Younger:  William (Skip) Lyons

Walter Lee Younger (Brother): Sterling Garris

Beneatha Younger:  Ebony N. Wilson

Lena Younger (Mama):  Brenda E. Humphrey

Joseph Asagai:  Alonzo Bell

George Murchison:  James Jackson

Bobo:  Shedrick Adams

Karl Lindner:  Bob Stern

Two moving men:  Gerry Liles & Henry Hopper

A Man for all Seasons

November 1, 3, 9, 10 – 8 pm; November 4 & 11 – 2 pm (2001)

Director:  Norm Birdsall

Stage Manager:  Clark Millard

Sir Thomas Moore:  Don Thornton

Duke of Norfolk:  Anthony Liguori

Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury:  David Webster

Signor Chapuys, the Spanish Ambassador:  Mark Walek

Lady Margaret More:  Tara Eden Raczenski

Chapuys’ Attendant:  Jeff Hamby

William Roper:  Matthew Howard

Cromwell:  Michael Burke

The Woman (Catherine Anger): Joyce Allen

Lady Alice More:  Eva Marie Beyer

Cardinal Wolsey:  Dick Strohmeier

Common Man:  Anthony Clark Vines

Master Richard Rich:  Michael Henry Carter

King Henry VIII:  John S. Rushton

Hello Dolly!

July 20, 21, 27, 28, August 3, & 4 – 8 pm; July 22, 29, August 5 – 2 pm (2001)

Director:  Alvin Tyndall

Musical Director:  Annette Blum

Stage Manager:  Becky Burke

Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi:  E. Marie Beyer

Ambrose Kemper:  Jeff Hamby

Horace Vandergelder:  Joe Goforth

Ermengarde:  Maricelis Timothee

Cornelius Hackl: Ben Walker

Barnaby Tucker:  Michael Ackerman

Minnie Fay:  Misty Edwards

Irene Malloy:  Tara Eden Raczenski

Ernestinia, Chorus:  Susan Pepper

Mrs. Rose, Chorus:  Charlotte McGlothlin

Rudolph, Chorus:  Tom Fields

Stanley, Chorus:  David Fields

Harry, Court Clerk, Paper Hanger:  Chris Athan

Louie, 1st Cook, Chorus:  DJ King

Danny, Policeman:  Dan Hartley

Manny:  Joseph Hamby

Hank, 2nd Cook:  Sterling Garris

Judge:  Clark Millard

Townspeople:  Alisa Bell, Venessa Dillon, Patrick Dowd, Noel S. Harris, Loretta Turner, Brittany Layne Varner

Just Desserts

April 27, 28, May 4, 5 – 8 pm; April 29, May 6 – 2 pm (2001)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Clark Millard

Angela:  Carole Olson

Kevin Cassidy:  David Etzel

Daniel Darcy:  David Teague

Ruth Quinn:  Maybelle P. Steele

Neil Michaels:  Dan Hartley

Rachel:  Joyce Allen

Andrew Solomon:  Michael Denig


February 2, 3, 9, 10 – 8pm; February 4, 11 – 2 pm (2001)

Director:  April J’ Callahan Marshall

Stage Manager:  Elaine Bageris

Annie Nations:  Terri Ingalls

Hector Nations:  Joe Goforth

Prince Carpenter:  David Webster

Holly Burrell:  Rebecca Clark

Dillard Nations:  Chris Athan

Doctor:  Scott Pulaski

Stoney Lonesome Boys (Band):  Pete Wright (Bass), Jerry Martin (Banjo), Mark Hinsdale (Guitar)

The Mousetrap

November 3, 4, 10, 11 – 8 pm; November 5, 12 – 2 pm (2000)

Director:  Frank Skinner

Stage Manager:  Maybelle Steele

Giles Ralston:  Geoff Beier

Mollie Ralston:  Becky Burke

Christopher Wren:  Eric Gorey

Miss Boyle:  Kay Shelton

Major Metcalf:  Don Thornton

Miss Casewell:  Carole Olson

Mr. Paravincini:  Tom Fields

Detective Sargent Trotter:  Daniel Girard


July 27, 28, 29, August 3, 4, 5 – 8 pm; July 30 & August 6 – 2 pm (2000)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Musical Director:  Joy Dorsey Rushton

Stage Manager:  Maybelle Steele

Arthur:  John Rushton

Merlyn:  David Webster

Guenevere:  Lori Stevens

Lancelot:  Ben Walker

Pellinore:  Norm Birdsall

Mordred:  Sean Robinson

Morgan Le Fey:  Joyce Allen

Tom of Warwick:  Griffin Gough

Sir Dinadan:  Nathan Crocker

Sir Lionel:  Vinnie Mannino

Sir Sagramore:  Kenny Mathews

Squire Dap:  Joseph Hamby

Nimue:  Heather Hamby

Guilliam:  Chris Athan

Colgrevance:  Josh Price

Bliant:  Thomas Borguarts

Castor:  Geoff Beier

Clarius:  Bob Stern

Kay:  David Webster

Lady Ann:  Reba Munn

Lady Alice:  Rebekah Crenshaw

Lady Blanche:  Maria Butner

Lady Catherine:  Mo Roberts

Lady Sybil:  Gemma Saluta

Lady Margaret:  Misty Edwards

Lady Elizabeth:  Heather Hamby

Lady Mary:  Joyce Allen

Lady Joan:  Eliza Webster

Lady Vivian:  Janet Foster

Lady Camilla:  Barbara Osterer

Pages:  D. J. Foster & Leighton Foster

Horrid:  Charlie

Camp W

April 28, 30, May 5, 6, 7, 2000

Director:  Eliza Webster

Stage Manager:  Paula Webster

Morgan:  Eliza Webster

Jordan:  Kenny Mathews

Kathy:  Jocelyn Kirsch

Sheila:  Barbara Osterer

Danny:  DJ Foster

Hank:  Leighton Foster

Anderson P. Ellery, Jr.:  Doug Poorman

Helen Dunbar:  Maybelle Steele

Kicker:  Heather Stafford

Casey:  Laura Vicent

Scott:  James Ellender

Bobby:  Jeremy Ellender

Mrs. Ruth Gordon:  BJ Ellender

Prissy:  Rebekah Crenshaw

David:  David Etzel

Kristen:  Kristen Smith

Roger:  Ryan McCormick

I Hate Hamlet

February 4, 5, 11, 12 – 8 pm; February 6, 13 – 2 pm (2000)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Maybelle Steele

Andrew Rally:  Geoff Beier

Diedre McDavey:  Heidi M. Reeder

Felicia Dantine:  Carole Olson

Gary Peter Lefkowitz:  Gregg Vogelsmeier

Lillian Troy:  Sally Hart

John Barrymore:  Michael Burke

Driving Miss Daisy

November 5, 6, 12, 13 – 8 pm; November 7, 14 – 2 pm (1999)

Director:  Randall C. Morris

0Stage Manager:  Eliza R. Webster

Daisy Werthan:  Pat Shumate

Hoke Coburn:  Sterling Garris

Boolie Werthan:  David Teague

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

July 29, 30, 31, Aug 5, 6, 7 – 8pm; August 1, 8 – 2pm (1999)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Musical Director:  Anne Saxon

Stage Manager:  Randall C. Morris

Joseph:  Ben Walker

Narrator:  Joy D. Rushton

Pharaoh:  John S. Rushton

Potiphar:  Dan Flynn

Mrs. Potiphar:  Joyce Allen

Jacob:  Phillip Fontaine IV

Baker:  Tripp May

Butler:  Sean Robinson

Ruben:  Paul Saxon

Simeon:  Tom Fields

Levi:  Raymond Osterer

Judah:  David Webster

Issachar:  Tripp May

Zebulon:  Craig Dixon

Napthali:  Lee Zink

Dan:  Josh Price

Asher:  Kenny Mathews

Gad:  Sean Robinson

Benjamin:  David Fields

Maidens:  Jacqueline Petroccia, Sarah Combs, Barbara Osterer, Misty Young, Elizabeth May

Wives:  Joyce Allen, Jeannie May, Holly Clark

Children’s Chorus:  Melanie Carviou, Christy Carviou, David Etzel, Suzanne Saxon, Cameron Lambe

Guards:  Ryan McCormick, Thomas Bougaerts

Pap’s Place

May 1, 7, 8 – 6 pm; May 2 – 1 pm (1999)

Director:  Douglas Poorman

Stage Manager:  Eliza Webster

Pap:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Frank:  Frank Skinner

Colleen:  Kay Shelton

Greg:  Michael Denig

Minnie:  Joyce Allen

Ellie:  Mo Roberts

Dave:  Ryan McCormick

Death Most Peculiar?

January 30, February 6 – 6 pm; January 31, February 7 – 1 pm (1999)

Director:  Douglas Poorman

Watson Holmes:  James Crowe

Christy Mystery:  Eliza Webster

Daniel Doyle: Clay Carroll

Shannon Casey:  Allyson Fields

Tara Kaine:  Crystal Johnson

Look Away

October 16, 17, 23, 24 – 8 pm; October 18, 25 – 2 pm (1998)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Mary Todd Lincoln:  Joyce Allen

Elizabeth Keckley:  Maybelle P. Steele

The Sound of Music

July 30, 31, August 1, 6, 7, 8 -8pm; August 2, 9 – 2 pm (1998)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Stage Managers:  Melissa Carroll, Michael Monu, Gemma Saluta & Clay Carroll

Maria Rainer:  Julie Fennell

Sister Berthe:  Carole Zellmer

Sister Margaretta:  Barbara Glamser

The Mother Abbess:  Carol Crocker

Sister Sophia:  Anne Saxon

Captain Georg von Trapp:  Tom Fields

Franz, the butler:  Thomas G. Mannel

Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper:  Melissa Carroll

Liesl:  Allyson Fields

Friedrich:  Clay Carroll

Louisa:  Jessica Dugger

Kurt:  Stephen Saxon

Brigitta:  Carolline Krull

Marta:  Suzanne Saxon

Gretl:  Nicki Yarborough

Rolf:  James Crowe

Elsa Schrader:  Nancy Krull

Max Detweiler:  Paul Saxon

Herr Zeller:  Randy Morris

Baron Elberfield:  Douglas Poorman

Baroness Elberfield:  Loretta Turner

A New Postulant:  Ann Brietbach

Admiral von Schreiber:  Ben Walker

Nuns:  Gabrielle Saluta, Marcella Crocker, Jennifer Burrell, Barbara Osterer

Neighbors:  Ron Patten, Mary Beth Patten, Mitch Monroe, Terri Allen Barkley

Guards:  Josh Price, Mitch Monroe, Thomas Bourgaerts, Ron Smith, Chris Estes

Fraulein Schweiger:  Loretta Turner

Priest:  Alvin Tyndall

The Diaries of Adam and Eve

May 15, 16, 22, 23 – 8 pm; May 17, 24 – 2 pm (1998)

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Adam:  Ben Walker

Eve:  Gemma Saluta

Tug of the Heartstrings

February 13, 14, 15, 1998

Director:  Eliza Webster

Stage Manager:  Greg Joiner

Devlin the Dreamer:  Patrick McCormick

Keegan the Cunning:  Zack Ortman

Caitlin the Crafty:  Eliza Webster

Gallagher the Gallant:  Geoffrey Webster

Darcy the Dauntless:  Melissa Hubbard

Keely the Clever/Princess Kilandra:  Tucker Walker

Lady Ramona:  Meri Dubiisson

Rafferty the Rogue:  Michael Denig

Sullivan the Sly:  Justin Dickson

Dracula, Baby  

November 8, 9, 14, 15 – 8 pm; November 9, 16 – 2pm (1997)

Director:  Brett Kitko

Accompanist:  Brian Davis

Count Dracula:  Brett Kitko

Dr. Seward:  David Webster

Nurse:  Mary Ellen Schaltenbrand

Renfield:  Michael Denig

Lucy:  Heather Hamby

Arthur:  Thomas Rucker

Van Helsing:  Don Thomas

Sylvia:  Amy Phelps

Frank, Josh:  Geoffrey Webster

Betti, Barmaid, Matron:  Lori Hilbert-McGaw

Barmaid, Gypsy and Anemic Wench:  Eliza Webster

Gypsy Man, Bartender:  Jason Hilbert-McGaw

Gypsy, Sword Dancer:  Chris Hilbert

Man of La Mancha

August 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1997

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Musical Director:  Rob Strauss

Stage Managers:  Eliza Webster, Loretta Turner, Michael Monu

Captain of the Inquisition:  David Webster

Manservant (Sancho Panza):  Mike McGaw

Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixiote and Alonzo Quijana:  Brett Kitko

Governor (Inkeeper):  Michael McGinn

Duke (Dr. Sanson  Carrasco): Thomas Rucker

Muleteers:  Elmo – Jeremy Sebens, Tenorio-Clay Carroll, Paco-Michael Aylor, Juan-David Dorrough, Pedro-Don Thomas

Aldonza:  Patricia Oldis

Maria (Inkeeper’s Wife):  Sarah Chew

Fermina (A Serving Girl): Amy Phelps

Antonia (Alonzo’s Niece): Mary Ellen Schaltenbrand

Housekeeper (for Alonzo):  Carole Zellmer

Padre:  Charles Bickner

Barber:  Ash Harrison

Prison Guard:  Mike Denig

Priest:  Garrett Call/Goeffrey Webster

Prisoners:  Ann Brietbach, Josh Call, Jeff Hamby, Sarah Jenkins

Dancers:  Chris Hilbert, Gemma Saluta, Heather Hamby

Run to Catch a Pine Cone

May 22, 23, 24 at 8pm; May 25 at 2pm

Director:  Alvin R.Tyndall

Music Director:  Scott Walker

Stage Manager:  Loretta Turner

Sprite: Lori Hilbert-McGaw

Ruby: Eliza Webster

Milly:  Kay Shelton

Jake:  William Reavis

Bob:  Daniel Girard

Miss Marsdon:  Joyce Allen

Roberta Cadwell:  Katherine Murdock

Spence:  Peter Zellmer

Mike:  Clay Carroll

Café Customers:  David Webster, Paula Webster, Rocky Musten, Amy Musten

Gus:  William “Bill” McAlendon


November 16, 17, 23, 24 at 8pm; November 17 & 24 at 2pm, 1996

Director:  Douglas Poorman

Dragon Tales

August 23 & 24, 1996

Directors:  Jennifer Bowman & Michael Denig

Stage Manager:  Gil Butler

Daddy Blue Jeans:  Wayne Chambers

Galen, the Wizard of Wonder:  Jennifer Bowman

Caitlin the Crafty:  Lori Hilbert-McGaw

Devlin the Dreamer:  Michael Denig

MacKensie the Red Dwarf Dagon:  Philip A. Fontaine, IV


August 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 1996

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Music Director:  Rob Strauss

Stage Managers:  Ben Walker, Lindsay Dedo, Loretta Turner

Joanne:  Eliza Webster

Herb:  Peter Zellmer

Robin:  Carole Zellmer

Jeffrey:  Mike McGaw

Peggy:  Ann Breitbach

David:  Siegfried (Siggy) Johnson

Gilmer:  Maricelis Timothee

Sonia:  Amy Phelps

Lamar:  Katie Jepson

Davide:  David Webster

Stephen:  Donald Thomas

From the Mount

May 3, 4, 5, 1996

Coordinator:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Jesus:  Bill Oberst, Jr.

The Ride

October 21 at 7pm; October 22 at 2 pm & 6 pm; October 28 at 7 pm; October 29 at 2 pm & 6 pm, 1995

Director:  Douglas Poorman

Stage Manager:  David Webster

Jaye:  Ann Breitbach

Allison:  Lori Hilbert-McGaw

Kevin:  Ben Walker

Darlene:  Eliza Webster

Paul:  Geoff Webster

Louie:  Daniel Girard

Kent Clark:  Tommy Shelton

Liz:  Melissa Throckmorton

Erin:  Rebecca Pfaff

Dorothy:  Lauren Trethaway

Ginger:  Katherine Murdock

Guy Shady:  Tommy Shelton

Fiddler on the Roof

August  18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 1995

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Assistant Director:  Joni Clark

Music Director:  John Stafford

Stage Manager:  Michael Monu

Tevye, the Dairyman:  Rocky Musten

Golde, his wife:  Joyce Allen

Tzeitel:  Gemma Saluta

Hodel:  Kristine Soriano

Chava:  Maricelis Timothee

Shprintze:  Lauren Treathaway

Bielke:  Sarah Robertson

Yente, the Matchmaker:  Laura Harmon

Motel, the Tailor:  Don Thomas

Perchik, the student:  Mike Denig

Lazar Wolf, the Butcher:  Bill McAlindon

Mordcha, the Innkeeper:  Daniel Girard

Rabbi:  David Webster

Mendel, his son:  Michael Schneck

Avrahm, the Bookseller:  Ben Hedgecock

Nachum, the Begger:  Geoffrey Webster

Grandma Tzeitel:  Amy Musten

Fruma-Sarah:  Eliza Webster

Constable:  Sterling Garris

Fyedka:  Ben Walker

Sasha:  Lachlan

Shaindel, Motel’s Mother:  Loretta Turner

The Fiddler:  Charles Devlin

Villagers:  Doug Poorman, Eliza Webster, Tyler Musten, Peter Zellmer, Ann Breitbach, Lori Hillbert-McGaw, Rebecca Pfaff, Kay Shelton, Paula Webster, Jason Hilbert-McGaw

Russian:  Will Reavis


May 26, 27, 28, 1995

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Assistant Director:  Joni Clark

Stage Manager:  Eliza Webster

Dave:  Thomas Christian Shelton

Preacher Sam:  Don Thomas

Sheriff Buzz Saul:  David R. Teague

Michael:  Chrissy Meyers

Kid Goliath:  Phil Fontaine IV

Mrs. Thompson, the town clerk:  Sharon Rimm

Miss Clark, the librarian:  Lori Hilbert-McGaw

Little Fox:  Joyce Allen

“Slick” Florz:  David Webster

Scarlett Morgan:  Eliza Webster

Ma Morgan:  Paula Webster

Birdseye Johnson:  Goeffrey Gabriel Webster

Pancho Gonzales:  Garrett Gregory

Eternity’s Almost-Final Exam

November 5 at 7 pm, 6 at 6 pm, 12 at 7 pm, 13 at 6 pm, 1994

Director: Douglas Poorman

Production Co-ordinator:  Terri Barkley

Chance:  Robert Marshall

Daniel Domino:  Geoff Webster

Debbie Diamonds:  Lori Hilbert-McGaw

Emily Whiteheart:  Eliza Webster

Nancy Newton:  Rebecca Pfaff

Sandy Shore:  Missy Throckmorton

Tommy:  Paul Dixon

Young Emily:  Megan Parrish

Young Debbie:  Angie Throckmorton

Bouncy Bobby:  Sam Parrish

After the Laughter

August 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 1994

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Stage Manager:  Rebecca Casalino

Ringmaster:  Greg Vogelsmeier

Bombs Away:  Philip A. Fontaine, IV

Lefty O’Toole:  Mike Denig

Andrea:  Gemma Saluta

Jason:  Tom Dodson

Tripper:  David Teague

Bopper:  Joni Clark

Squirt:  Peter D. Zellmer

Grumps:  Wayne Chambers

Two Faces in the Shadows

March 31, 1994 – 7 pm

Director:  Alvn Tyndall

Simon Peter:  Jon Vickers

Judas Iscariot:  Tom Dodson

Silent Priest:  Robert Marshall


Winter, 1993 at Ogburn Memorial UMC

Just Desserts

August 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 1993

Director:  Alvin Tyndall

Angela: Leigh Hutchins

Kevin:  Michael Denig

Daniel Darcy, Kim Williams

Ruth Quinn:  Belvia Williams

Neil Michael:  David Teague

Rachel:  Joyce Allen

Andrew:  Ben Hatch

Big Picture

Spring, 1993

Director:  Allen Tyndall

Camp W

November 8, 9, 14, 15, 1992 at 5:30 pm

Director:  Douglas Poorman

Leon Tucker:  Sterling Garris

Casey Caldwell:  Renee Meyers

Jordan:  Matt Necessary

Scott:  Jeremy Gale

Morgan:  Eliza Webster

Kelly Bennett:  Erin Binkley

Kicker:  Doug Poorman

Roger:  Jake Wilson

Kathy:  Chrissy Meyers

Bobby:  Tyler Collins

Sheila:  Sheri Lawson

Hank:  Jason Strom

Danny:  Geoffrey Webster

Christina:  Missy Throckmorton

Helen Dunbar:  Belvia William

Anderson P. Ellery, Jr.:  Robert Sigmon

Janet:  Amanda John

Richard Gordon:  Frank Poorman

Peace in the Kingdom

September 11 & 12, 1992

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Custodian:  Howard Somers

Lion:  David Teague

Lamb:  Renee Meyers

Wolf:  Harold Hines

Leopard:  Meg Blackwood

Cow:  Philip A. Fontaine, IV

Bear:  Christopher Kevin Bragg

Child:  Kerry Buchanan

North:  Joyce Allen

South:  Sterling Garris

East:  Joan Byrd

West:  Jim Toole

Friends Forever

February 9, 1992 – 5 pm Ardmore UMC, School for Christian Living, Winston-Salem District

Director:  Douglas Poorman

Mr. Rodgers:  Sterling Garris

Amy:  Erin Binkley

Andrew:  Dean Mundy

Angie:  Julie Alspaugh

Cathy:  Chrissy Meyers

Disa:  Lisa Jackson

Janet:  Renee Meyers

Julie Ann:  Eliza Webster

Kenny:  Tyler Collins

Mike:  Geoffrey Webster

Patty:  Molly Cottrell

Tab:  David Brown

Tom:  Zach Binkley

Snow White and the 7 Deadly Deadly Sins

Winter 1991

Friends Forever

May 11, 12, 18, 19, 1991

Director:  Douglas Pooman

Music Director:  Paula Webster

Mr. Rogers:  Sterling Garris

Angie:  Julie Alspaugh

Cathy: Chrissy Meyers

Janet:  Renee Meyers

Julie Ann:  Eliza Webster

Mike:  Don Thomas

Mitzie:  Lisa Jackson

Patty:  Molly Cottrell

Susie:  Susie Neuschwanger

Tab:  David Brown


January 8, 6:30 pm & January 9 at 9:30 am & 8 pm, 1991

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Joyce Allen

Priscilla Grubbs

Ben Hatch

David Teague

Greg Vogelsmeir

Arch the Angel

December 2, at 2 pm & 7 pm, December 8 at 8 pm, December 9 at 3 pm, 1990

Director:  Douglas Poorman

Music Director:  Sylvia Tyndall

Archibald Edward Angel:  Don Thomas

Commander B.C.:  Chrissy Meyers

Lt. Nix:  Molly Cottrell

Bumper:  Marlena Seagraves

Dusty:  Eliza Webster

Angelica Carol:  Jonette Marshall

Melody Carol:  Renee Meyers

Painter:  Angie Throckmorton

Slugger:  Geoffrey Webster

Viola aka Strings:  Missy Throckmorton

Sobbing Stone/Lively Stone

Spring, 1990

Director:  Douglas Poorman

Doctor Michenson:  Rev. Randy Tarlton

Michael:  Don Thomas

Nancy:  Marcie Lynne

Elizabeth:  Chrissy Meyers

Ann:  Renee Meyers

Les:  Rev. Randy Tarlton

Jacob: Geoffrey Webster

Rachel:  Eliza Webster

Esther:  Alicia Thomad

Friend:  Douglas Poorman

Wise Guys and Starry Skies

December 8, 9, at 8 pm; December 10 at 3 pm, 1989

Director:  Alvin R Tyndall

Assistant Director:  Douglas Poorman

Music Director:  Sylvia Tyndall

Jesse:  Don Thomas

Mary:  Renee Meyers

Dinah Mite:  Eliza Webster

Melchior:  Douglas Poorman

Gaspar:  Sterling Garris

Balthasar:  Rev. Randy Tarlton

Cookie:  Chrissy Meyers

Salty:  Renee Meyers

Men-Yu:  Geoffrey Webster

Wada Err:  Alicia Thomas

Arch the Angel

Winter, 1987 (December)

Director:  Alvin Tyndall

Music Director:  Sylvia Tyndall

Archibald Edward Angel:  Glen Mays

Commander B. C.:  Carter Covington

Lt. Nix:  Adam Johnson

Slugger:  Patrick Marshall

Viola:  Devin Sprinkle

Angelica Carol:  Renee Meyers

Melody Carol:  Eliza Webster

Sand to Stone

March 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 1982

Director:  Alvin R. Tyndall

Music Director:  Annette Hansley

Simon Peter:  Barry Vernon

Andrew:  Bob Moore

Joseph:  Sterling Garris

Perpetua:  Anna Bland Fisher

James:  Gregory Beauchamp

John:  Mark Stewart

Anniversary Concert

August 29, 1982

“Resurrection Joy” concert

Jeff Styers

David Webster

Amy Shelton

Harold Styers, Jr.

Bob Crumett


March 14, 1982, 8pm

Easter drama with songs

Timothy:  Alvin Tyndall

Jesus:  Doug Poorman

Christmas Gifts

December 19 & 21, 1981

Songs and stories

Douglas Poorman

Brett Marshall

Patrick Marshall

Renee Meyers

Chrissy Meyers

Children of my Mind

September 19, 1981, 8pm

Songs and skits

David Webster

Resurrection Joy and friends

Richard and Kathy Shoaf

Douglas Poorman

Annette Hansley

Paula Webster

Suzanne Poorman


Spring, 1981

Dedication of Playhouse

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