Seat Sponsors

Seat Sponsors

For the comfort of our patrons, we’ve
replaced our old rubber mesh chairs
with fabric upholstered auditorium seating.

Now is your chance to become
a permanent part of the fabric of
Stained Glass Playhouse!

For your tax deductible donation of
just $30 (per seat),
you can become a Seat Sponsor,
and commemorate your gift with an
engraved plaque that will be permanently
attached to one of our new seats.

The inscription on your plaque can be
tailor made — you can include your name,
the name of someone you wish to honor,
and/or an inspirational message for the
Playhouse or your fellow theatergoers.

Become a Seat Sponsor today by
calling our Box Office at 336-499-1010,
completing this mail-in form, or
clicking "Sponsor a Seat" below.

(To sponsor multiple seats, please call
or use the mail-in form.
Seat sponsorships made online can only
include 1 seat per transaction.)