Dial M for Murder

Dial 'M' for Murder

by Frederick Knott


November 4-6, 11-13, & 18-20, 2022

Friday & Saturday 8 pm, Sunday 3 pm


Directed by Steffanie Vaughan

Tony Wendice, a former tennis pro, married his wife Margot for her money… and now plans to murder her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect crime, blackmailing an old acquaintance into strangling her and arranging a brilliant alibi for himself. But when things go drastically wrong, with Margot surviving the attack and her assailant dying instead, Tony sees another way to guarantee her death and his wealth: making sure she is convicted of his old friend's murder. Will he succeed… or will his plot be foiled?

"Dial 'M' for Murder" is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York. www.dramatists.com


$17 for adults
$14 for seniors (60+) and teachers,
$12 for students.
All prices include sales tax.


Tony Wendice - Selfish, arrogant, and jealous over his wife's past affair, which motivates him even further to plot her demise.

Margot Wendice - Charming, naïve, and wealthy, she has no idea that Tony knows of her past affair, nor suspects him of foul play.

Max Halliday - An American murder mystery writer who had an affair with Margot during the time Tony was playing professional tennis tournaments in America. He is still in love with Margot and comes to visit the couple in London.

Captain Lesgate - An old schoolmate of Tony's and a convicted criminal, willing to do anything for money.

Inspector Hubbard - A British Inspector of Police; a bit eccentric, but thoughtful and thorough.

Thompson - A police officer.