By Seabury Quinn

December 11, 2020

Friday 8 pm


In the days of the Roman Empire, the mighty gladiator Klaus -- a barbarian from the frozen Northland -- has just finished his term of service in the province of Judea. On the journey back to his homeland, Klaus happens upon a carpenter, his wife, and their infant child under attack from a murderous band of soldiers, and saves them. With this selfless act, his life is changed forever.

Klaus goes on to travel further than he could ever have imagined. Crossing from one end of the Empire to the other and back again, he eventually outlives the power of Rome and the dark ages that follow it, and witnesses the rise of new civilizations on its former lands.

Immune to the effects of time, Klaus accumulates the wisdom of many lifetimes before discovering the final road he is destined to follow -- a path which will lead him to his true calling, and fulfill a promise made to one very special child on behalf of all the children of the world.

Divided into three parts, the novella Roads by Seabury Quinn (1889-1969) is a re-imagining of the origins of Santa Claus, that was first published in the January 1938 issue of the magazine Weird Tales. It was adapted into a play by members of Stained Glass Playhouse and first performed in January 1991, under the direction of our founding Artistic Director, Alvin Tyndall.

Now, nearly 30 years later, the Playhouse is proud to present a staged reading of this production, directed by Allen Tyndall and starring two of the original cast members, for your online viewing pleasure via our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

This reading is presented as part of a live fundraiser, in memory of Alvin Tyndall, and of Joyce Allen, a long-time friend and actress at the Playhouse and another of the original Roads cast members.


There is no charge to view this event, but we ask that you please consider making an online gift to help us reach our fundraising goal.


Narrator – Steffanie Vaughan
Klaus – Mark March
Woman – Sandy Scott
Man # 1 – David Teague
Man # 2 – Gregg Vogelsmeier